Players of the Realms

Players of the Realms is a group of Tabletop Roleplaying gamers who enjoy playing together. We are currently running through an Adventure set in the world of Eberron, shortly after the hundred-year war—a time of Battle and chaos that devastated the once-unified nation of Khovaire. In the wake of the war, Khovaire had broken into many smaller countries, all engaged in a tense peace, the result of the Mourning, a spell that was so terrible that it forced the nation to peace.

Our Current Party includes:

M.E.C.H- The Warforged Paladin. With little memories of his past, M.E.C.H makes his way through the world with his traveling Companions, Yami and Fenic.  

Yami- The Aasimar War Cleric. Growing up with a band of Monster Hunters, Yami tended to mistrust those who had not earned his trust. On one of such journeys, He discovered Fenic, a baby at the time, About to be sacrificed. Taking the time to slay the parents and rescue the child, Yami became the adopted father of the goblinoid child.

Fenic-   The Goblin Shadow Magic Sorcerer. Raised by Yami and M.E.C.H, for the most part, in seclusion within the sanctuary that the library just south of Sharn provided. This left him curious about many things, including the darkest of magic. He has a deep interest in uncovering the secrets that shroud the Mourning.  

Saerys- The Elf Domain of trickery Cleric. She was raised with a fear of discovery by Houses Phiarlan and Thuranni, Members of the Mark of Shadow. Her goal is to survive the best she can. Having traveled through other cities similar to the massive city of Sharn, She is an excellent source of information when navigating the less savory sorts of places.

Levin- The Tairnadal Elf Ranger. Originally from somewhere other than the country of Breland, where Sharn stands, he comes from Taer Valaestas, the capital city of Valenar. Levin travels searching for the cause of the Mourning.  


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